Wings of Desire

Growing up surrounded by weird and wonderful antiques in her father’s auction house in Christchurch, New Zealand, Jessica McCormack developed a magpie’s eye for collecting beautiful objects.

Her frst, unoffcial foray into jewellery design saw her creating pieces to order out of objects found on antique sourcing trips. Her unorthodox education in jewellery was continued with an internship at Sotheby’s London’s Jewellery department, where what she learnt about antique jewellery techniques would become central to her own work.

Inevitably, her return to New Zealand to take the helm at the family frm was delayed when she established her own diamond jewellery house. Since 2007, Jessica McCormack has been based at her own appointment-only salon in London’s Clerkenwell. From this extraordinary space, part Marie Antoinette’s salon, part Andy Warhol’s Factory, Jessica has designed fve diamond jewellery collections, including her latest, XIV. Driven by quality, each piece of Jessica McCormack Jewellery is handmade in London and the diamonds are sourced through ethical means.

“For me, making jewellery is about creating miniature sculptures. Each piece is the end result of my desire to turn what I perceive to be beautiful into a tiny piece of art. I would like people to re-evaluate their perception of fne jewellery and precious stones, breaking down barriers on how diamonds are considered, worn and used, with emphasis on luxury being about personal experience, appreciation and knowledge.”

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